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How contests work in SL – Get THREE free sand-writings

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Greetings, seekers of romance

I don’t know, if you know, how contest work in SL. I didn’t until a good friend of mine recently participated (and still participates) in such a contest.

It’s a sham right from the beginning!

This is how it works:
You put your picture somewhere on a plate at the place of the contest. The contest organizer puts a script in this plate to “count” the people <touching> or <paying> it. This script prevents that the contestant himself or another avatar touches the plate many times thus giving multiple votes. Usually, you are only allowed to “vote” once a week or once a day. So far the rules seemed quite fair to me, but …

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The Second Real Estate Crisis

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Greetings, seekers of romance

This isn’t such a romantic posting, but since it affects a lot of us in Second Life, I thought to post it here anyway. Anshe Chung’s virtual Real Estate Imperium Dreamland seems to be dwindling.

No wonder – when Linden Labs lowered it’s prices (not the tier) for land, everyone owning land found himself in a situation where the value of his land had diminshed dramatically over night. The more one had, the more one lost. And I guess, Anshe Chung and her company Dreamland had a lot of parcels that were not worth the money anymore, she herself had paid for.

I own 8’096 sqm on one of her residental sims, but since I didn’t plan to sell my parcel, I just didnt care at that time until …

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(ENDED) Current FREEBIE: All for love)

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Let’s make it all for one and all for love.
Let the one you hold be the one you want,

the one you need,
’cause when it’s all for one it’s one for all.

When there’s someone that should know
then just let your feelings show
and make it all for one and all for love.

(Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart and Sting)

Greetings, seekers of romance

I live up to my promise. Our “Love me tender” Park at sim Rockje has opened and once again I find the time to offer you a FREEBIE, not only one but two this time! That’s my way to compensate my avid readers for the long time that went by since the last freebie.

Inspired by the lovely song All for love, I created …

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Sandwriting – 2nd Edition

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Greetings, seekers of romance

As time goes by, Second Live changes and we who live there with it. While our sandwritings were still the most lovely ones and the most real looking ones, Windlight demanded for more. As Second Life becomes more realistic (and I hope not more real), it was time do redesign our sandwritings and make them even more real looking.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I proudly present to you Sandwritings – 2nd Edition.

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Love me tender Park is open to the public

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Greetings, seekers of romance

After three month of work, we opened our new sim today. We are quite proud of our quantum leap since we went into business in autumn 2007.

Last week I was interviewed by a major SL magazine, how we accomplished this success. Here is what I told them:

  • From the start, we concentrated on quality, that’s why we only sell stuff that is created by ourselves.
  • We never sold and never will sell “business-out-of-the-box” products at our stores.
  • We sell the genuine stuff, filled with our everyday love for you, for Second Life and for each other (meaning Rockje and me).
  • We create products we like ourselves and that we use in our private home, too.

What are you going to find at our new sim and how do you get there?

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No more new Freebies?

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Greetings, seekers of romance

I got some mails asking, if there won’t be any more new FREEBIES here. Yes, there will be a new FREEBIE soon. I am planning of offering a FREE gras-writing to the readers of this blog. Wait a few more days until our new sim has opened, because that occupies most of my time at the moment.

I haven’t forgotten the FREEBIES – promise!

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